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Custom Information
One of the most distinctive
things a director can do for
their pageant system  is to
have crowns  that are
"personalized" for the system.  
This can be accomplished as
"semi custom" or "fully custom".

" Semi custom" involves
modification of an existing
design. Existing designs can be
modified by adding pageant
colors and/or " cutting in" the
pageant name / logo.  This
approach is cost effective and
is easier to visualize since the
existing design is known. The
drawback is that the existing
crown may have been used for
a long time.

"Fully custom" involves starting
from "scratch" and building a
crown with all components
desired by the director.  
Additionally, the design can be
done such that several sizes of
crown can be made form the
design, resulting in matching
"sets" of crowns that can be
used through various levels of
competition (state, national).  
The same design can be used
for more than one year, as
reigning royalty usually does
not compete. The drawback to
fully custom is that design is a
time consuming process.  Being
as such, it takes a good deal
of time to get to the point of
having picture of the crown and
having a finished crown.

    Answers to FAQ's:

The cost of a crown (even
non-custom) is not based
on height.  The cost is
determined by the amount
of rhinestones used.

For large tiaras (over 6")
a general guess of cost
will be $6.00 to $7.00
per inch of  height, the
price can increase from
there as the "tightness" of
the crown increases and as
more "special" stones are

For "bucket" (or non -
adjustable fully round
crowns) the price nearly
doubles due to there being
as much material on the
back of the crown as the
front.  This can be made
more reasonable by
tapering the back to be

Incorporation of a logo
requires a good amount of
space in order to make
the design "look right".  
Designing with rhinestones
is like making a picture
with marbles on the floor...
only more difficult because
all stones must touch
(nothing can float).

Lettering uses a lot of
material (more cost).

Endless Creations will be happy
to assist you and answer
additional questions.